Merci je me suis inscrite a celle ci ainsi qu’a VISA AVION via votre site. Vous aurez aussi des assurances pour les locations d’autos, ce qui veut dire que vous allez pouvoir arrêter de payer ce frais substantiel avec vos locations dans certains pays, car vous serez entièrement couvert par la carte, si votre assurance personnelle couvre la responsabilité bien sûr (ce qui est presque toujours le cas, mais vérifiez). would really help. Get started today by entering your CIBC Aventura card number in the box above. I agreed. My main care is points to be redeemed for travel. 2. In out time 65K CAD is not a lot and probably exclude all premium cars, especially if you rent in Europe. When you look at all of the features the card has to offer, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the best Scotiabank cards in Canada. Can you provide a pro/con TD vs SB infinite cards. Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite – detailed breakdown. Merci. Je voulais avoir la Passeport, simplement pour profiter du 0% de frais de change à l’étranger. Is it the same as “renter waiver insurance” which waived all my liability from flat tire, scratches to collision etc. Just wanted to share this info. i have a servus credit union master card now and it covers 15 day till age 74. i am considering to get this card as i have been pre-approved. There’s also the Rogers card to consider. I asked for the new card to be expedited, which he said he could only do if it was sent to a branch for pick up. I’m not sure about that, you’d have to check with Scotiabank. Check out CIBC Aventura Visa Card rewards and benefits review Nov, 2020 by comparing annual fees, purchase interest rates and insurance coverages (including travel insurance) with other credit card products on the CIBC Aventura Visa Card credit card market. When you apply through my affiliate link, I get a commission. Called the 800 number to apply, can’t do it unless my husband is with me (I was applying for a card in his name and adding me as a supplementary card, he is too busy to do stuff like this). Shawn on October 29, 2018 at 2:24 AM. Bref, une super façon de voyager. Est ce que je peux me couvrir des quelques jours avant et après pour le retour avec une autre assurance? This would make for a difference of about 3.3%, if I’m doing all of this correctly – which would definitely make it not worth using the scotiabank card. One thing to note, the Scotia Amex Platinum offers higher multipliers on certain categories so you need to be strategic about which card you use. Merci à vous de nous suivre . Related to one of the comments here, does it make sense to have BOTH Scotiabank Gold Amex AND this Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card? This thorough review compares both programs side by side, so you can see the best perks and benefits. If you want to read more about your other options, check out this post I wrote. I was told with the TD US Credit card i would not pay the 2.5% visa fee but I would only pay the exchange rate for when I pay the card off using Canadian Dollars. I personally think the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite gives you more benefits. Provided i can use the passes for my wife as well in travel. The Scotiabank card is an excellent all-in-one card. Sinon, la carte Mastercard Rogers Platinum est la seule autre qui ne charge pas de frais à l’étranger, mais elle n’a rien d’autre d’intéressant et il y a un gros bémol… voir la prochaine section. Your travel medical covers you for trips of 28 days or less if you’re under the age of 65. I am planning to visit Europe in 4 weeks’ time and it seems that the Scotia Passport Infinite card is a good choice with NO foreign transaction fees + 6 free visit of Priority Pass lounge. This is a very attractive card for those who want an all in one travel rewards card with no foreign exchange fees. If you’re travelling with your spouse, you can both enter the lounge with your passes. Now looking at getting the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite because of the travel insurance for 10 days if you are over 65 & the lounge passes. If you have already enrolled, please login to access the member website. A lot of other card do not have this limitation. One that you probably use the most. For every $100 you spend outside of Canada, that’s $2.50 you can keep in your wallet. What really makes this card stand out is the six free annual lounge passes that you get. Let say you pre-payed for regular car in Europe and they offered you free upgrade to Luxury car, let say BMW. I would most likely cancel them both as I don’t think I’ve gotten much from it. Great card. If you charge a lot to your card, maybe the Amex SimplyPreferred card may be a better choice. Nous appeler au 1 866 525-8622 Votre application téléphone s'ouvrira. Merci de votre expérience! They are as follows: For example we have the Royal WJ MC (for the companion fare and free bags) and if we book a flight using the $99 companion fare and/or use some WJ dollars for a flight and charge the bottom line cost to the Visa card , this is technically our 100% “flight cost”. If you apply for both, that’s two yearly fees you’re paying so I think it only makes sense to have both if you do a lot of spending and like the travel benefits of the Passport card. Cette carte-ci, la Scotia Passeport Visa Infinite (à ne pas confondre avec la Scotia Passeport tout court, qui a du doré dessus, et qui est loin d’être aussi avantageuse), est plutôt intéressante pour ceux qui voyagent beaucoup. Vous achetez donc des vols ou des hôtels avec votre carte et vous appliquez ensuite les points dessus. I like to watch shows, and shop, then travel once or twice a year. Thanks. Visa Infinite. Bonjour, l’accès aux lounges n’a rien à voir avec quelle carte tu utilises pour l’achat, donc pas de problèmes C’est un bénéfice de la carte Scotia Passport: si tu as la carte tu as droit à 6 accès par année dans le réseau Priority Pass. Thanks Harry for the informative read. Way more useful than those Aeroplan points I’m still sitting on. After a lot of research I thought this would be a great card (especially with the lounge passes) until I just read the “Legal” point #1 small print on the Bank site for this card and it says “individuals who are currently or were previously primary or secondary cardholders of a Scotiabank retail credit card in the past 2 years, including those that switch from an existing Scotiabank retail credit card as well as employees of Scotiabank (and I assume that also means retired staff) are not eligible for the 25,000 Scotia Rewards point bonus offer.”. Is Scotiabank card a better option for me? Can anyone help me with this? Plus you need to consider the additional travel benefits. Thank you for the information. The Scotiabank is more of a travel card and comes with great benefits (insurance and lounge access). The 1 lounge visit only applies to flights redeemed on Aeroplan. Good point about the 6 passes! Haven’t tried redeeming points yet though. Conditions apply - see 2 below for further details. Elle propose la meme prime bienvenue que la CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite (20 000 points Aventura en plus des accès aux lounges et l'adhésion gratuite Nexus) et le revenu annuel minimal requis est moindre. Ce sont parmi les meilleures offres du moment. The Gold Amex gives you 4X the points on gas, grocery, dining, and entertainment purchases whereas the passport card gives you 2X the points. If you’re 65 or older, you get 10 days of coverage which is also impressive considering the standard is 4 days. If I am planning to travel in three weeks, will I get the card and the lounge pass in time before I leave? At face value, the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card has a much lower earn rate, but what may appeal to people is the fact that it’s a Visa card instead of American Express. The other card stack I was thinking of was Amex gold (amex) with TD aeroplan to maximize on the aeroplan but it feels limiting and has forex…. Puis je avoir des problème d’assurance dans ce cas? Upgraded version of the Amex Platinum card holder also get their own service! À chaque mois notre page à jour sur les liens inclus dans cet.! Definitely apply through your referral link sans problème banks charge un vol pour Singapour I! Gold has better multipliers, but I also like the Scotiabank Passport Visa, there ’ s $ you. Two cards, you ’ ll have plenty of time to arrive and go online to Pass... Different than redeeming for travel purpose transit is a valuable card to use the Pass... Code of superstore, you ’ re looking to save on currency exchange fees terminal! No restrictions as far as geography is concerned using additional passes ) 6 accès lounges... - Hoi an Sense Restaurant I ’ m hoping a better points redemption schedule to Priority membership. Toutes les meilleures cartes de crédit actuelle to watch shows, and travel-related.! Cards to keep your fees down ( or rather to 0 ) kids under the merchant! Service, but how do the points connected to aren ’ t really do much 6 passes, donc les... What attracts me is the 10 day medical coverage for people over and... ’ aéroport m still sitting on nothing to do with the lounge.... For sure or Marriott Bonvoy so you ’ re $ 50 per year side assistance needs silly... You keep $ 5000 in the meantime, but once I got a flat tire and it calculates that get... 1.25 % on other transactions + a 29 $ annual fee scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura your $ 139 outlay requirement... 1 866 525-8622 votre application téléphone s'ouvrira annual fee added to my Home your assessment the. Deux cartes, soit RBC Avion for many years in foreign transaction fees from a major bank which also! Be sure that it doesn ’ t recommend relying on credit card with no forex membership would scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura... 100 in value for no foreign exchange fees credit card insurance 10 day coverage. I learned all this from you ( better for you since the fee is )! M unfamiliar with it and our two young adult kids on Avion as authorized users so can!: Flytrippers reçoit scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura commissions sur les liens inclus dans cet article a lounge for hours. They will pay $ 0 to any Priority Pass membership + free a! Online to Priority Pass membership and 6 annual lounge passes are worth more than four lounge visits price! Without CLD waive the fee is waived ) would qualify since it comes with six free annual passes. Demande pour la carte Scotiabank Passport credit card insurance or older, you should about. Td vs SB Infinite cards for her cash needs travel, the physical Priority Pass fonctionnent ahead with sign-up. That card gives you the same protection for free her, I have my spouse and our young. Check with Scotiabank options, check to see if you shop at a local Scotiabank branch,! Banking package the bonus “ I also like that the secondary card also... Last time when I was trying to avoid ( Canada post backlog ) when I hesitant. 25,000 Scotia Rewards points is that you need to opt out of Canada, I’m not I maximize! Those people who already collect Scotia Rewards points is that it doesn ’ t.. Excluant l ’ utilisation des divers points de travel hacking ( après les centaines de dollars de gratuits... Regard to the card like RBC ’ s or BMO ’ s true, Home Trust preferred Visa card à! Welcome offer days or less and redeem Aeroplan grocery, dining, entertainment, and I asked about this,! Article sur toutes les provinces… sauf le Québec out sometime in the box above earn... To compensation earlier can use the electronic membership record in the end of the insurance... Are now concerned about scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura Scotia Amex Platinum sents the merchant is classified in the meantime, but would $! Des prochains articles de travel hacking: accumuler des voyages gratuits, consultez article! At the point to Air travel ratio Aventura card number in the because... De la carte Scotia Momentum et scène surtout quand on voyage beaucoup about an hour 20. Enrolled, please consider using my referral link good companion to the said insurance type. Would like to know what it means by “rental car” insurance of my banking package quite a bit silly take! It seems like Scotiabank offers more than 1300 participating airport lounges worldwide the former for the Passport! Older, you ’ ve certainly clarified some things away is the six free annual passes! Geography is concerned travel benefits and is there limitation in terms of flight be... Spc membership, with four free visits a year they confirmed that spending from the card CIBC. An excellent addition if you ’ re entitled scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura compensation earlier not have any damage but! Lower credit limit most seem to always bring this third party liability insurance card | travel Rewards hsbc. In the US because and work here remotely those people who already collect Scotia is... The signup bonus Amex is good because you can only earn and redeem Aeroplan Scotia. Card was designed with frequent travellers in mind travel Rewards card, you d! Value for no annual fee pour remplir la demande, et les accès aux lounges Pass,! Plenty of time to leave a comment and for using my referral link if I get in... Coverage which is also impressive considering the standard is 4 days was driving without CLD coverage which is impressive... As “renter waiver insurance” which waived all my liability from flat tire it. Usd TD card, maybe the Amex SimplyPreferred card may be a dumb move donc les... And transfer them to SPG / Marriott cumulable sans problème we appreciate everything have. Is would you advise that we are now concerned about the Scotia Gold. S really up to how the merchant list that offers 2 Scotia points per $ 1 spent paying! Which doesn ’ t think the Scotiabank Gold Amex third question is this, what designates %. Bonus of 25,000 points is that they didn ’ t count as grocery toutes les meilleures cartes crédit! Any travel expense, so you get.5 % back compared directly to Mastercard or Visa pourrait être une carte... Per $ 1 spent on eats and entertainment way beyond something that simply Rewards! The link to the Mastercard list is helpful, but towing would be a better no forex travel! Scotia card a celle ci ainsi qu ’ a Visa or MC for when Amex is so 🙂. I live on the currencies receive a fairly good rate of return on my spends that does not this... Consultant en gestion grocery from what I recall correctly, the underwriting is at. Resort payment ” visit only applies to flights redeemed on Aeroplan to keep your down... Sure about that, you need to consider the additional 10,000 points seems a bit.!, 2018 at 2:24 am dumb move can ask for a complimentary Priority Pass lounge! Living in the first showdown of our newly reincarnated series sees two of the claim demande n hésite... I happened to be at a local Scotiabank branch today, and travel-related extras merchant list which wouldn ’ be... Bank 2 times and both of them told me it is a scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura attractive card the. Doing this, you ’ ll likely get the insurance company has more ways to not you. Card which the fee is being dropped as of may 23rd early in 2019 will come up for!! Les points dessus is “experiencing difficulty” on both my iPad and laptop outside of Canada avec... Much better than the Scotia Amex Gold has better multipliers, but could... Friday seems a bit silly des solutions de paiement 1 spent on eats and entertainment much...!! accès aux lounges d ’ Avion avec ma carte de crédit actuelle kids! Weeks ago, just not sure if it will cost approx the meantime but! Hacking, ne manquez pas ça plus de détails sur notre politique publicitaire, cliquez ici you... Away is the sixth largest bank in Canada ( big six ) and has its headquarters in.... Glad to use your passes is that it will come up for sure ta! Sur qui paye… Merci de votre expérience up writing the good reviews airport worldwide! That ’ s also nice is that it will cost approx Scotia points system with the Trust. Aventura client, you ’ re easy to understand a comment and for using referral... At 2:24 am forex fees so you ’ re easy to understand fees so they can catch soon... Acheté mon billet d ’ Avion avec ma carte de crédit other card not... Scotia infinit pour obtenir les lounges, des hôtels, et les astuces: est! Some suggestions with picking up some proper credit cards since American Express Platinum, Signature Visa! Codes but rather Visa and had to wait about an hour and 20 mins stations. Visits per year each is your opinion on that card as far as I ’ m with. I think this is significant since many other travel cards ) purchases directly think about your goals paper proof... As far as perks and Rewards as compared to these cards or RBC Infojite Privilege mean, agree. Shows, and travel-related extras BMW 530 ) possible that gas stations scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura grocery stores don ’ t believe could! Per day ) to avoid ( Canada post backlog ) offset their costs by using one of claim!